Informal Minutes – NorLN Executive Committee Meeting, July 18, 2014


The NorLN executive committee met on July 18, 2014 at the Clarksburg-Harrison Public Library.  Those in attendance were:  Mary Kay Wallace (Brooke County Library); Dorie Tennant (Brooke County Library); Susan Atkinson (Gilmer County Library); Susan Reilly (Marshall County Library); Rik Rekowski (Mary H. Weir Public Library); Bruce Cressler (Helvetia Public Library); Sharon Turner (Morgantown Library); Patricia Tolliver (Upshur County Library); and, Tammy Richards (WVLC).


WVLC purchased the servers for Sierra.

WV Legislators paid for the software – Susan Reilly asked everyone to please send thanks to Speaker Miley and their own delegates.


Tammy Richards Report -


Mountain Network is now on Sierra.

There could be a brief shutdown when going from Unix to Linux during implementation.  She will advise.

Tammy will provide a go live date as one is coming.  We will be able to preview the site first to see if logins work.

At this time Mountain is experiencing a problem with notices and some printers.

The migration for Mountain went smooth and the software is working well.


She expects to start the NorLN migration in a couple weeks and expects it will take approximately 6 weeks to complete the move.  She will let everyone know when she has a start date.  At this time Mountain members says login is slow but the software runs faster than Millenium once in.

WVLC Techs will put the Sierra icon on the computers and update Java as needed.  All computers on which Sierra will run need to be VNC ready.  Tammy ask that we check all machines that will be needing Sierra for VNC status.  The file can not be copied and moved only downloaded.

Tammy concluded her report stating again she expects a call in the next two weeks from Innovative to start and expects to be done before Labor Day.


Renewal of Movie Licenses-


Jill is working on the renewal.  The fee may increase if the same number of libraries do not reup.  It is still cheaper as a consortia than as individual libraries.


Cataloging Issue presented by Mary Kay Wallace


An new employee of Mary Kay’s wanted to implement museum cataloging for a special collection at her library.  The committee felt that this would not be allowed in NorLN.  Mary Kay asked if the bylaws could be updated to exclude museum cataloging or any other catalog system.  Sharon Turner will check the cataloging bylaws.  The committee supported Mary Kay’s decision in that NorLN libraries have to follow NorLN cataloging rules and no member library can introduction new cataloging styles into the system.


NorLN yearly Meeting


It was decided to have the NorLN meeting after Sierra is up and running.  Friday September 12 is being considered as a possible date.  Tammy is to check with Jill Rafter regarding the availability of the Clarksburg Library.  The cataloging and circulation committees will meet.  A Sierra rep will be invited to speak and address issues/likes and dislikes and answer questions about Sierra.  Sharon and Tammy will work on enlisting a rep.


Annual Meeting


A brief NorLN executive committee annual meeting was held.  The present slate of officers was retained.  Sharon Turner and Rik Rekowski, co chairs, Jill Rafter, secretary.



Submitted by Patricia Tolliver